10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

They say that the home is where the heart is, and as 21st century individuals we do tend to spend a large part of our days nestled in our homes. So of course, we want to spend our time in a great smelling abode! Breathing in fumes from chemical home fresheners is not exactly ideal and we believe that there are many natural ways to make your home smell amazing.

Scents are said to have a power over us and can alter our moods and feelings. As eloquently expressed by Patrick Süsking, the author of ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’- 

“Odors (sic) have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” – Patrick Süsking 

Read on for 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing!

Fresh Air

open window

Ok, so this first idea may cause a few groans! However a house that isn’t properly ventilated can begin to smell stale. Make sure to open up your windows, vents and doors to enable fresh air and the lovely smells of nature in!

Coffee beans 

coffee beans and candle Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

Many of us do not function properly without a delicious cup of these regal beans! The aroma of roasted coffee beans is a wonderful side benefit!

Another great way to capitalise on the lovely natural smell of coffee beans is to nestle a tea light amongst a mound of beans. This way the candle will warm the beans and circulate the smell of coffee around your home.

Palo Santo and Sage

palo santo and sage Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

Palo Santo and sage smudge sticks  are other natural ways of filling your homes with wonderful earthy smells. It is important to note that the usage of both of these items originates in Native American culture and therefore the traditional interpretation of these wonderful items must be respected.

Palo Santo aka ‘Holy Wood’ in Spanish is a mystical tree that is believed to have a number of spiritual and healing benefits. Palo Santo is often used in ceremonies due to it’s cleansing energy and is believed to help relieve a number of ailments like the cold, asthma and flu. The wood has a sweet and citrusy smell.

Sage and other herb ‘smudge sticks’ are very similar to palo santo wood as the ceremonial burning of sage bundles also has spiritual and purifying properties. 

To radiate the scent of either palo santo or sage sticks/bundles around your house:

  • Alight the wood or herbs
  • Let burn for around 30/40 seconds
  • Puff out the flame
  • Wave and wiggle the smoking item around the areas of your house you would like to purify and/or perfume.
  • Leave item to smoke in a heatproof dish/container

Eucalyptus in shower

eucalyptus leaves Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

Eucalyptus is a subtle and clean smelling plant that has also been known to have a number of health benefits including helping to relieve congestion. 

Hanging a bunch of eucalyptus leaves in your shower is a superb way to clear your sinuses and scent your bathroom as the hot steam makes the eucalyptus scent undulate around the room.

Grab a bunch of eucalyptus and tie it to your shower head with some twine. Step in, turn the shower on and voila!

Orange and cinnamon in a pot 

orange cinnamon and star anise mulled wine Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

Want your house to smell like a decadent Autumn (Fall) all year round?

Heat up a pot with water, plop in some sliced oranges and sprinkle in some whole spices like cinnamon and star anise. Warming the fruit and spices in a pot will send the smells all around your house.

For an added benefit you could cook up some mulled wine, providing autumnal scents and delicious wine!

Fragrant Houseplants 

jasmine house plant Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

Keeping and nurturing fragrant houseplants is a long term and sustainable way of adding wonderful scents to your home. 

  • Jasmine (Try Jasminium Polyanthum – a type commonly grown indoors)


  • Lavender 

Are marvellous choices!

Bake Something!

delicious cookies Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

Our senses of smell and taste are inextricably linked. Cooking a scrumptious delicacy is a fantastic way to make your house smell amazing.

Cookies and ginger-flavoured baked goods are yummy options!

Rose Petals in the bath

rose petals for bath Featured on 10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing

If you are one of those people that can’t think of anything better than soaking in a luxurious, warm bath at the end of a hard day, why not scatter some rose petals in your bath for some regal decadence? 

Inside herb garden

herbs in plant pots

Having a herb garden in your kitchen, or any other room in your house is a practical and multi-functional way to scent your home. Not only do herbs have super smells, you can use the herbs in your cooking for fantastic flavour!

Natural Candle

Maison Meunier eco friendly Candle with objects in background

If you don’t have the time for the options above, or want something a bit different to the other options, why not try an aromatic candle made from natural ingredients?

We recommend the Étinicelle and Impétueux candles by Maison Meunier that we sell here on Fig Drop! 

The candles are made from all-natural vegetable wax and have a lead-free cotton wick. Both candles are vegan, certified cruelty free and burn for up to 42 hours!

Have you tried out any of the above ideas or have a great tip you’d love to share?

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10 Natural Ways to Make your Home Smell Amazing


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